Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Beginning of Beaming Light

Beginning is the hardest part. 

That is what they say, right? When you look outside the box and decide to start something new, the beginning is the hardest. I have had quite a few beginnings within the last year, including a new, healthier lifestyle for myself and my family that has resulted in some weight loss for me and numerous discussions about nutrition with my strong-willed, 4 year-old son, Terryson. He loves discussion...but that will be a post for later. We will see if the first statement turns out to be true after-all...is the beginning really the hardest part?

What is the hardest part? Beginning, middle, end? It sounds silly...I know. You are probably thinking..."Toni Beam, you're crazy...what does this have to do with your blog? Bear with me. I am going to let you into my thought process here. I have started projects, workout programs,  set out to reach goals and failed. The passion was there in the beginning... I started out strong and then, slowly, I faded away. I gave up on my beginnings. I lost my light and my passion.

How do I keep it? This is my blog and my purpose for sharing this with you all. Light beams. It shines through darkness, it shows direction, gives clarity and it keeps you on track. Imagine for a moment that you are in complete darkness and you are searching for something, something so precious to you. It has been a solid hour, day, or week of darkness and no matter how hard to look, feel, touch, smell...you cannot find what it is you are looking for. What would help you? Light. What would be that one thing that could guide you to that thing you most desire? Light.

Light will be used to represent direction, motivation, and inspiration throughout this blog. We all have light within us. We have a purpose and direction to take in life. With this blog, I hope to help each of you find the light within...and let if beam from you. Beaming Light with Toni. I hope this is encouraging to you all and I hope to see you next time.

"When you have found your light, it beams from you so brightly that you cannot hide it. -Toni Beam